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Sport Science support group

To preserve the success of the highly successful Hungarian swimming sport, a sport-specific sports science support group was formed to assist athletes and their coaches. The leadership of the Hungarian Swimming Federation actively supports this endeavour, and thus the formation of the sports science support group commenced on 1st March 2018. The ultimate goal of the support group is to cover every field of expertise that according to our current knowledge, can contribute to the development of elite sports.

Objectives and plans

In addition to sports medicine physicians and physiotherapists we plan to hire a physical therapist, a movement analyst, a strength/rehabilitation coach, a performance diagnostician, a dietitian, a psychologist, and a development engineer for technical support of sport-specific measurements as well as an assistant to ensure regular on-site laboratory blood testing. Such data would be recorded and processed in a unified, strictly regulated, access-controlled database, ensuring the scientific advancement of the sport.

However, the professional staff plans to achieve these long-term objectives in small steps, building from the ground up, with the aim of supporting the work of both the athletes and that of the coaches according to their needs. This requires continuous communication and a workshop environment.

In the first phase of development a dietitian will be at your disposal, there will be opportunities for regular laboratory blood testing, which will be reviewed by the team doctors. Based on their findings the dietitian can provide personalized advice. There will also be opportunities for performance diagnostic examinations with a primary focus on track measurements. Primarily the members of the national "A" team and the open water adult national team can avail these services. If they do not fully utilize this option, then available spots can be filled with athletes from the national "B" team and from the younger age groups, based on prior arrangement. Contact details of the colleagues and further necessary information will be shared in a subsequent notification.

For questions and additional information

Dr. Tímea Kováts

mobile: +36 20 825 9126