Intro to paraswimming

For our fellow humans having some kind of physical (or even mental) disability doing regular exercise is just as important as for the able-bodied.

Swimming is such a form of movement which helps to put into motion every muscle and thanks to the aquatic environment it protects the joints. Moreover, it triggers such valuable physiological changes which are beneficial:

  • to physical and mental endurance;
  • to the development of cardiovascular and respiratory system;
  • to the improvement of sense of rhythm;
  • to the development of balance and coordination skills;
  • to strengthening the general muscle system, with special respect to the trunk muscles.

In addition to all this, regular swimming also plays a significant role in the development and maintenance of the soul and mental health, because athletes:

  • Your self-esteem improves and rises to a higher level;
  • Their endurance in the face of challenges increases;
  • Their body awareness improves and develops;
  • Provides mental refreshment!

Para swimming in Hungary has gained a recognition internationally, it is one of the leading para sport disciplines in our country. Even though not everyone is going to be (more precisely needs to be) an elite para athlete, doing sport on a regular basis could contribute to living a healthy and balanced life. All you need to do is to visit one of the clubs, which offer dedicated trainings for para swimmers. We recommend going through the below list and visiting one of the coaches.

Below we have summarized which associations currently have paraswimming, if you are interested, contact the coaching colleagues at the given contact details: