Why swimming?

A lifelong sports experience, (one of) the healthiest form of movement, which in addition is a survival skill!

Interestingly we basically begin practicing swimming in the womb before our birth. Even so, we all need to learn how to swim properly, but maybe these “early memories” contribute to making relatively fast progress with 3 strokes. When it comes to start practicing a sport most families pick swimming to start with, as it is the healthiest form of movement, as it:

  • Gives stable muscles and posture,
  • It does not burden joints,
  • Improves lung capacity and the cardiovascular system,
  • Alleviates stress,
  • Provides the best basics, after which depending on personal taste and interest the child might switch to any other (aquatics) sport. One thing is for sure that you can only have advantages by starting with/practicing swimming (including job opportunities around the pool).

For this reason, it is inevitable for every family which intends to spend vacations by any waterside (near a lake, river, by a pool but especially by the sea/ocean) that the child acquires the necessary water safety measures. Sadly, drowning is one of the major causes of deaths among the under 14-year-old children (especially at the 1-4 age category). It is shocking to hear and read about all that, but in order to prevent such incidents the best way is to properly learn to swim. That was one of the key reasons why the Hungarian Swimming Federation launched the “Swimming Nation Program” in September 2021. This initiative aims to offer free swimming lessons to every 6–8-year-old kids around the country (in 2024 we offer this possibility to more than 40.000 kids!), teaching them the basics of back and breaststroke and that of freestyle. By finishing the 3*2 semester course these children enrolled in the program will not only be able to swim properly, but they will most probably carry on their everyday life with a sport centric mindset.