It is often stated that elite sport requires a lot of sacrifices both from the athletes and from their supporting families, not surprisingly swimming is no exception to that. As every coin has two sides, we would like to highlight that in our view there is no better way for a young adult to spend time with their peers by doing sports after school and carrying out an active lifestyle (as opposed to extreme time dedicated to online activities). During trainings, training camps and local, regional or even at international competitions kids make new friends and learn many things that could be utilized in everyday life ranging from time management, endurance, staying humble, respecting others, working in a team to extending ones’ comfort zone.

The background support of parents and families becomes more and more important as the kids start to grow and as the number/intensity of their trainings is increasing. Like in case of every sport family a special biorhythm develops especially with the appearance of the morning trainings. As sport becomes part of the daily routine we recommend that you study and utilize our nutritional advice under this link. What’s more parents could also incorporate some sport activity in their personal life, 1-2 a week while waiting for their kids they could also dive into the pool or use the neighbouring gym, go for a run (whatever options are available in and around the sport facility).

The most important is that we would like to promote a healthy lifestyle, as a sound body results in a sound and relaxed mind.